You have probably heard by now that CORE is moving. You are also probably wondering just where our new store will be. Well, so are we! We thought we had found a perfect location a few months ago, but lease complications caused us to look in another direction. Have no fear, however, as we are hard at work looking for just the right place to house our product and continue to give our trainees valuable training experiences. We would be remiss if we didn’t continue to thank ProFed for the use of their building for the past five years. Their assistance has allowed us to focus on our mission while expanding our reach into the community. We would also be remiss if we didn’t thank the wonderful businesses and customers in the ’05. We have loved being a part of such a vibrant community. Please note that the store will remain open through June; our hours will be the same except for that we will not be open on Saturdays. Make sure to continue to check our Facebook and website pages for updates on the move. Unfortunately, we cannot take any donations during this transition period. Make sure to continue to visit the store as we will be continuing to deplete our inventory to prepare for the move. The deals won’t get much better than this! Stay tuned!