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CORE Participants

CORE is committed to helping people with disabilities develop job skills that enable them to acquire meaningful and gainful employment.

Our Services Include:

– Vocational Training
– Situational Assessment
– Work Experience
– Job Shadowing

Employment Services:
– Job Development/Placement/Retention
– On the Job Supports
– Job Readiness Training
– Supported Employment

Eligibility Services:
– Trial Work Experience

Additional Services: 
– Ticket to Work (TTW)
– Benefits Information Network (BIN)


What Makes CORE Different

CORE is unique in its real-world approach to employment services. All training and assessments are completed on-site at local businesses allowing our participants to acquire the specific skills needed for that position. CORE provides one-to-one individualized services to our participants and hires only staff members who have worked in education and/or with individuals with disabilities. As our participants acquire gainful employment, they are able to increase their level of independence and achieve a greater sense of purpose.

Our Process

CORE offers Vocational Rehabilitation and Ticket to Work employment services. Participants undergo an interview process to better understand their employment needs prior to being assigned to an Employment Specialist. The Employment Specialist and CORE participant then work together to identify a career goal and form a plan to acquire the skills and support needed for employment. Once a CORE participant secures meaningful and gainful employment, CORE provides support to both the employer and employee until stabilization is achieved.

How to Become A CORE Participant

If you are a Vocational Rehabilitation participant or a Ticket to Work beneficiary, you can receive CORE services! Simply contact your Vocational Rehabilitation counselor or Ticket to Work representative and state your interest in working with CORE to enhance your job skills and support you in achieving your employment goals. If you are not currently receiving services from Vocational Rehabilitation or Ticket to Work, please contact us so that we may assist you.

“I don’t need easy, I just need possible.”

Bethany Hamilton