Spring! It’s here surrounding us with its newness and beauty. Spring brings green grass, warmer days, colorful flowers, and change or renewal. The first robin makes us all want to shed our winter gear to slip into flip-flops and to head straight for summer. However, along with the wardrobe changes we also look at things with clear eyes and hopeful anticipation of what lies ahead. Although we celebrate the new year in January, spring seems like the perfect time to clean out the old, revamp, and to revitalize, and here at CORE we are doing just that.

At CORE we look forward to continuing our growth in the community by reaching out to more people. We currently have an online social media presence through our website http://corevocationaltraining.org), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/COREVocationalTrainingProgram)

and Instagram (@corevocationaltraining). Through these outlets we have been able to share our goals, upcoming events, and one of our favorites, the participant spotlight. However, instead of spotlighting individuals monthly, we will bring interesting stories about participants through our website and blog.

In the blog we would like to share more in-depth information with our participants, clients, families, and the communities we serve because the more we all know, the more participants we can help with their goals to find gainful, long-term employment.

When CORE trains just one participant for the workforce, the trickledown effect is immense. It gives opportunity to a person who has previously not been in the workforce. It has a positive change on the dynamics of our participants’ families. It opens an avenue for employers to find skilled workers. And in the end, it makes stronger communities by supporting individuals with disabilities and by growing the workforce.

So, how can you help with this dynamic program at CORE? Share. Share our posts on social media, discuss them with your friends, employers, and families. Help us with our goal to reach a wider audience. Also, we would love to hear from you. If you have questions about CORE, contact us at info@coreopportunities.org.  If you have a special topic you would like to read about in our blog, please send inquiries: CindyS@coreopportunities.org