Congratulations to Tyler who completed his vocational training at CORE and was placed in a job at Fort Wayne Metals! Tyler is proof that with a little support, individuals with disabilities can do great things. Thanks to FWM for their support of CORE and Tyler.

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Fort Wayne Metals

May 4 at 11:00am ·

‘Just One of Us’

Upon meeting Tyler Sarrazine, you see that he uses a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy. But what you also recognize about the 19-year-old is his spirited personality and tremendous work ethic that altogether overshadows any apparent disability.

Tyler is the first wheelchair-bound person to work at Fort Wayne Metals. When he was hired in October 2016 to work in the warehouse, Tyler, a Northside High School Fort Wayne, IN. graduate, had to prove himself capable and hardworking, just like any other new employee. And he hasn’t let himself or anyone at Fort Wayne Metals down.

“He’s proven himself,” says warehouse manager, Brian Minich. “Tyler takes pride in his work and he’s very meticulous when it comes to quality. He’s a great fit and valuable to our team.”

Tyler’s speech and physical limitations don’t prevent him from excelling in his job of operating a drill to create holes into the spools that are eventually wrapped with lifesaving medical wire. He drills holes into as many as 1,800 spools a day! In fact, Tyler performs 95 percent of all the spool drilling over the three days he works each week.

Tyler, who likes listening to AC/DC and working out, enjoys working at Fort Wayne Metals.

“I like how the company is run. The people are great,” he says.

His coworkers feel the same about him.

“People will tease him and he’ll tease them right back – he holds his own very well,” says Brian. “We don’t see Tyler as a person with disabilities, we see him as a colleague who is vital to what we do here at Fort Wayne Metals. He is just one of us.”