There was a time not too long ago when many businesses were not willing to employ individuals with disabilities. It wasn’t that these companies lacked compassion, most were just scared of the unknown: What jobs would they be able to do? How will my employees respond to working with employees who have special needs? How will I provide support when I have a business to run? Fortunately, things are changing due to some progressive businesses leaders who realize the benefits of employing those who are differently-abled. From lower absenteeism rates to comparable job performance of that of their coworkers, employees with disabilities are providing businesses with the job skills and competencies they seek. CORE is grateful for those businesses who are already changing the landscape of the workplace and encourage others to join in the pursuit of a more diverse and accepting community. (Pictured: Cayla and her Employment Specialist, Mandy, at Parkview Health. Parkview is one of many businesses who partner with CORE to provide work experience opportunities and job placement.)