When Markesha came to CORE a year ago, no one envisioned where she would be today. She had worked with other providers, but she just hadn’t been able to move beyond career exploration. That all changed when she was referred to CORE! When the CORE staff met Markesha, it was obvious that she had so much to offer any business if given the opportunity. Working in partnership with Easterseals Crossroads in Indianapolis, Markesha was equipped with adaptive equipment that would allow her to do most any job. With the support of her Job Coach, Gayle Topp, and a lot of determination, Markesha now works at Parkview Health as an HR Assistant. Though Markesha’s story made the news, she isn’t the only CORE client who has achieved success in the workplace. From Tyler who has run a drill press at Fort Wayne Metals for over two years now to Megan who works in the warehouse at Sweetwater Sound, CORE clients are proving that they have what it takes to find success in the workforce. CORE celebrates Markesha and all of our clients who work each day to show us just how able they are. (Click here to see the WANE TV news story.)